What TBH Does:

Helping your business benefit from a quality approach to business management ...

TBH's mission is to help small business owners (SBOs) take a quality but time-effective approach to the job of running, or managing, their businesses - a job that typically involves tasks like decision-making, planning and problem-solving - so that they are more able to focus on key activities like attracting and keeping customers, boosting sales and increasing profit.

Naturally, as an SBO, you want your business to be as easy to manage as possible but, for various reasons, probably face challenges which make this easier said than done. This means that many SBOs - possibly including yourself – often find it difficult to both do all the jobs necessary to keep their businesses functioning as planned, and do them to the desired standard.

However, by taking a quality approach to management generally, you can create the opportunity to overcome these challenges, and TBH has a three-step programme - summarised below: just click on the step name for more details - to help you do just that.


Managerial Bite

The TBH “Business Sight Test”

This is a one-time exercise in which you use key information about your business to create a set of high-level context diagrams of the business. As something that most SBOs haven’t done before, it is a very good way of safely verifying how well you know your business. More importantly, it helps you to decide how simple your business really is, because knowing that is vital to how easy the business is to manage. The exercise also creates the foundations for a quality approach to managing your business.

Creating a Management Approach

The TBH Business Sight Test is inherently beneficial, but in a way - or ways - that only the SBO can identify through doing the exercise. Step two involves TBH and the SBO using the initial diagrams to develop mechanisms - management tools - to realise the benefit(s) the SBO perceives, and in a way that best suits the SBO’s needs.

Diagramming Support/Other Services

One useful feature of a quality management approach is to have diagrams that focus on specific business processes, perhaps supported by other documents - visual and/or textual - seen as likely to improve your business’s effectiveness/efficiency. Should you wish to do this, TBH will be pleased to help create them, and in a way that ensures continuity with your existing diagrams. TBH can also offer longer-term support for SBOs who use its techniques.

Your next step....

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Not sure if you need TBH?

The majority of SBOs are unaware that there are effective opportunities to improve the performance of their businesses through the way they manage their business operations. Despite this, the business world at large - quite remarkably - seems to be doing little if anything to encourage improvements in this key business activity area.

So, if you believe that your business can function more effectively than it currently does, but are unsure as to whether or not TBH can help you, either take a look at the list below or click HERE - to see a selection of the kind of problem situations where a quality management approach is likely to bring improvement.

And if you have a business operations management concern that isn't listed here, just contact TBH to find out if it can help.


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