Picture This

Using picture-power to make small business management more effective and profitable...

Pictures are widely recognised as being a reliable and effective way to introduce, teach or explain many things including business issues. This is mainly because their visual impact usually leads to much better levels of learning, comprehension and remembering than when they are not used. They also ensure a far greater similarity of understanding when used with a group of people.

Managerial Bite

Their value doesn't end there because they have other advantages that are often very beneficial to businesses, including:


Taken together, these advantages mean that pictures are almost always a low cost and high benefit investment for any organisation. And this is especially the case in small or micro-businesses like yours where quality management frequently plays a critical role in the quest for survival as well as success.

In particular, they provide excellent support for your key management jobs like planning, communications tasks, problem-solving, making changes and dealing with unexpected or disruptive situations.

It is however important to also note that while pictures can convey much information about a given situation, their effectiveness can be further boosted when accompanied by plain text, particularly where description, statistics or instructions are an appropriate part of understanding the situation.

The pictures TBH uses are mostly process diagrams accompanied by additional text when that cannot effectively be included in the diagram.

TBH Process Diagrams

These will focus on selected business processes within your organisation, because successful process management is essential to ensuring your business operates as effectively as possible.

… not just easy to create and maintain, but also very versatile

These diagrams - which also show other linked processes within your business as well as any related outside organisations - are usually fairly easy to set-up, can almost always be customised to suit your needs and also be readily updated, so they retain their value and quality.

Furthermore, they often have the bonus of a single diagram being capable of helping you with a variety of management tasks.

So if you want to improve the effectiveness of your management skills, introducing a diagram or two is very likely to prove a rewarding move. And you can take the first step in the right direction by clicking HERE to arrange an introductory meeting to discuss your needs, be they general or specific.


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