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"Thanks, Robert and TBH, for helping me to learn more about my business and the way I see it.

Having a generic example to work from and applying a four-box restriction on each category was super-helpful. It was also very useful to be able to group many of my ‘external entities’.

The diagramming process especially really brought home to me just how much I rely on intuition/serendipity to run my business. When I resume after maternity leave, I shall ensure I have a strategy in place before I get going, and as a means of allowing an ongoing review of my progress.

I also found the brainstorming that I did prior to creating the diagrams very valuable. And I enjoyed customising the diagrams - with colour - as it made it easier for me to establish trends."

Kate Sharp (Vibrant Kate)

"As the sole owner of the TIFF Network - the Temple Index of Functional Fluency, a small but growing Bristol-based business network providing personal/professional development services - I faced increasing difficulty, coupled with mounting anxiety, over the effort needed to keep track of all aspects of my business which was, at the same time, becoming increasingly complex and challenging to manage on my own.

I needed a way to record - and reflect on - the structure and details of my business activities, primarily to support my ability to make effective plans and quality decisions, but also to further my need to get others involved in managing the TIFF Network.

TBH provided me with a simple but comprehensive method for doing this, such that I'm now able to relax and focus more effectively on the TIFF Network's needs.

Moreover, TBH's business maps - plus some more specific support from Robert - have helped my ability to see a way through the complexities of planning a move from being a 'one person band' to a successful shared enterprise.

In short, utilising TBH has, quite literally, taken the strain off my brain!"

Susannah Temple (the TIFF Network)

With the need to respond effectively in implementing the functional reorganisation that followed a recent merger, WorldCom's domestic Local Billing office needed a clear view of current activities so that synchronicities, etc. among the merging departments could be identified and quality decisions made about the best format for the single new department's structure and a plan to apply the changes.

This task was complicated by a number of issues, including both the absence of some key information relating to existing processes and inconsistencies in the understanding of other processes and controls.

Working with my staff, Robert created a series of process maps that not only made the current situation clear, but also significantly speeded up the task of determining a new department structure, as well as identifying possible difficulties.

The result was a far quicker and smoother transition to the new structure than we could have hoped for and, as a bonus, the maps continued to play a valuable part in later management activities, including a well-received and effective presentation to our computer support staff."

Tracey Ferguson (Senior Manager, Local Billing, WorldCom)

"The task of presenting a complex, contentious, multi-stage billing improvement proposal to senior business management was a communications challenge with considerable potential to fail but, thanks largely to Robert's diagrams, the proposal sailed through the approval process, encouraging responses that made it clear the content, etc.. had been well-understood."

Reid Hagen (Business Architects Team Manager, WorldCom)

"The company needed to assemble an Invitation To Tender (ITT) as part of its objective to pursue a computer systems re-write for its core business processes, and Robert's company-level business support diagram was the unanimous choice as the place to start the work of creating the ITT because its contextual approach, accuracy and ease to understand not only minimised serious potential for inter-departmental disagreements but also eliminated a number of other potential resource-wasting opportunities."

Phil Burke (IT Systems Manager, CFI)

"Our ability to make successful and long-overdue changes to improve the quality, speed and cost of our claims processing tasks was significantly helped by the excellent business diagrams produced by Robert (and Jim)."

Roy Tungatt (Claims Manager, Financial Insurance Group)


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