Without any doubt, being aware of how easy it is to run one’s business is one of the most important things any business owner needs to know. Without this reassurance, the objective of making the business function successfully is likely to be difficult to achieve.

This is especially the case for small businesses which frequently have to contend with restricted resources and a limited range of business management skills - disadvantages that often outweigh the practical benefits of being small.

So, if you are a small business owner (SBO) and want to know what influences how easily you can run your business, read on.


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Time Management in Small Businesses - Focusing on Unseen Issues

When talking with small business owners - SBOs - about improvements they would like to see in their companies, one of the most common is to have more time available or, failing that, to be able to do more in the time they do have. It doesn’t help that most small businesses have relatively limited resources, but that’s hardly a surprise and SBOs will almost certainly allow for that when planning their activities. (More)

Small Business Management: When Common-Sense Isn't Enough

The Problem:

Given that a small business’s relatively limited resources put it at a disadvantage in a variety of ways, it’s surprising that this problem is rarely a subject of discussion.

As with all resource-related issues, it is essentially a management challenge, but the experience of talking with a variety of owners of small and micro businesses shows that many regard “management” as something that is only done in larger organisations. (More)

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

If, as a small business owner, you were considering growth (i.e. increasing your maximum selling or production capacity) before the economic downturn and have since shelved it, or are now thinking of doing so, read on because you may well have a priceless opportunity to put yourself on the road to virtually "pain-free" growth which, as pain-free growth is almost unheard of, isn't to be sniffed at. (More)

Delegation: Planning For Success

If, as a small business owner, you want to increase your "spare" business time and have decided that the best way to do this is to delegate some of your workload - to either existing or new staff - but you've had little or no previous successful experience at doing so, read on because though delegation might seem a very straight-forward task, there is considerable scope for it to end up costing you both time and money rather than saving them. (More)

Managing Business Resources - The Unexpected Challenge

As the owner of a very small - or micro - business who, almost certainly, has to work with limited resources (i.e. time, money, materials/equipment/premises, skills and labour), you are doubtless very keen to maximise the quantity of those resources that can be used for your priority tasks of gaining and working with customers.

That said, unless you've just started your business, you probably know that not only is this something that doesn't just happen of its own accord, but making it happen is also much easier said than done. And while you can readily appreciate that it's part of managing the business, the chances are that you're not aware of how to do it. (More)

Managing a Micro-Business - Easier Said Than Done?

As the owner of a very small or micro business (MB) in the current difficult economic climate, it is essential that you get the best from your - inevitably limited - resources if your enterprise is to survive and thrive. However though, the chances are that, for various reasons, you may well find that to be something that's easier said than done.

If so, then read on because understanding why management - the ability "to make things happen effectively" - is often more difficult than expected is an essential step in making it, management, easier and when that can be done, it's also much easier to achieve effective resource control which is very much the key to both surviving and thriving. (More)

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