About TBH: The business and its origin

The Business Handle is a small, independent, Bristol-area business providing diagram-based quality management - e.g. decision-making, planning, problem-solving, etc. - techniques that help owners of small/micro businesses to achieve the substantial benefits that can be gained from applying a quality approach to management of their business operations.


TBH - Opening the door to more
effective management in small businesses.

Putting you in the picture...

Once you start to talk with people in management roles, it quickly becomes obvious that the management of any organisation - business or other - is, in essence, a common-sense activity that is within the grasp of most people who recognise the key role that it plays in determining how successful their organisation can function. And this very reasonable perception is, arguably, the overriding reason that few if any organisations or individuals provide training in basic management.

However, as an organisation becomes more complex, as many do, this increases the potential for management to become more complex as well, at minimum because of the increased volume and/or diversity of information - about the organisation and the way it works - needed to maintain an effective (management) standard.

Curiously enough, though information is to management what petrol is to a combustion engine (or food to a living creature), experience and research has shown that there is little if any serious attention paid to making sure that as organisations become more complex, they take corresponding action to ensure that their management functions get the reliable supply of information that they need to continue to be effective.

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if the application of common-sense was extended to doing this but experience shows that, more often than not, it isn’t.

This is where TBH - a concept devised by Robert Lovett, a business analyst with 25+ years experience working with companies in both the UK and the USA - comes in.

Originally working in a management roles, Robert wasn’t given any training in what made for good management and, like most others in his kind of position, he simply applied common-sense to his responsibilities which, while he was in that position, were never compromised by any increase in his organisation's complexity.

TBH Later he moved into business analysis, an activity that was part of computerisation within larger businesses and, in that role, many of his assignments involved helping business staff define and implement operational changes to their processes.

This first-hand experience of seeing the challenges they faced, and how their skills were tested, enabled him to start to understand why many more complex enterprises of all sizes often struggle to respond quickly and effectively to certain business situations.

Then - as a spare time distraction - he used that knowledge to mull over possible options that might be a way to overcome those struggles. As it happened, the inspiration and impetus to develop these thoughts seriously came by chance..

As an analyst, Robert frequently created diagrams to support, explain and progress his findings. Increasingly, after completing his assignments, he noticed that managers, directors and other staff with whom he had worked were choosing to make use of some of these diagrams as part of their regular work approach.

This - the use of diagrams - was the "missing link" in his quest to help business staff improve their skills and - though he didn’t know it then - the concept of TBH was born. However, putting TBH’s principles into action soon showed that the concept is much better suited to small organisations partly because of their greater flexibility and less complicated management structures, and partly because effective results can be achieved far quicker.

Robert has since further developed and created a diagram-based management routine, The TBH Business Sight Test, which not only shows how a small business operates but, by identifying potential knowledge weaknesses (or "blind spots"), also creates the opportunity to improve the quality of the organisation's management activities.

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TBH is a member of the Sodbury and Yate Business Association